Thursday, March 11, 2010


So everything has been going really with our germination process so far. Our only problem has been that we have a bit of a crummy watering can which makes watering precisely rather difficult. Hopefully we will remedy the situation on the weekend. There are currently a plethora of seeds sprouting. The basil is growing like crazy and some oregano has also started to sprout over the last couple of days. The leeks have also taken off like crazy this morning i noticed a lot of them have poked out of the soil. It is very exciting to go out everyday and see how things are doing. My dad and I planted some more celery on Monday of this week but we don't expect to see anything for a couple of weeks as celery has a long germination period.
The weather has been really nice here over the past week or so and this has meant that we have started to roll up the sides of the greenhouse more regularly to reduce that daytime temperature. At 10:30 this morning it was already well over 30 which is just too hot for the little plants. It has been a big process rolling up the sides but Ryan and his uncle fixed it so it is much easier now.
We have been also working hard over the past week to start arranging markets for the summer which hopefully will be settled soon. We are also excited at the plan to offer vegetable boxes (more info to come soon).


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