Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Castle and a Rare Breeds Centre

Well today was a rainy day. It seems that every day since we got here there has been some sort of precipitation whether that be rain, snow or slush (which itself seems to be a form around here). But no matter we made it through our day anyway.
Our first visit was to Castle Rising, a very old and somewhat run down castle north of Kings Lynn. We were the only people there, which was really nice and with the aid of an audio guide (an orange telephone like thing you listened to every so often) we wandered around the castle and the grounds. Despite the fact that there were no exhibits and the castle was completely unfurnished we both loved it. It was truly the first castle we could go to in England where you could really just wander around it. Mind you the main floor in the great hall was gone, but you could basically walk anywhere you liked. We had quite a bit of fun wandering around the castle and managed to stay somewhat dry.
The other castle we had hoped to go to was further east of this, but we decided not to go because it was an extremely ruined castle with just a couple walls at ground level left standing and today was a very cold and wet day and we didn't think we would have fun.
For lunch we ate at the Black Horse Inn, which was in the same little town as Castle Rising as the man running the Castle had recommended it. It was good and Amanda and I both enjoyed some good old fish and chips.
From there we drove down to a Rare Breeds Farm/Centre. I had hoped that it would be more of a real working farm and that we could learn a bit about British farming, but it was more like a glorified petting zoo. It was interesting to see all the animals, and it was a good lesson on agri-tourism, but there was really not much to see in the way of farming. We did get to go in the pen with many of the animals, including sheep and goats, which was fun, but I was not impressed with the hay. It was very stalky with no broad leaf plants and didn't smell very sweet. But hay(hehe), what do I know.
Things are looking a bit sketch for the wineries tomorrow, but we will try anyway. Tonight is the last night in our cottage and tomorrow night we will be staying with Allison's future in-laws before heading back to the airport towards Germany.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I have to say I will be glad to see you two home again.

Love ya


Allison said...

Love the hay joke!
See you tomorrow :-p