Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to order

Well we have been away for so long that clearly there was a large stack of mail waiting for us upon our arrival back home. Included in this stack was a selection of wonderful seed catalogues.
I have to say that I really enjoy browsing through them and seeing all the interesting things that are available. I have been particularly intrigued by blue peas. I'm pretty sure that they will be on the list of things to order even if just for my own enjoyment (Ryan doesn't like peas) but i'm sure that a blue pea salad or something would be nice. We are a little slow on ordering and need to get that done this week while there is still seed available. I mean blue peas those have got to sell out fast.
Everything else is going well around the farm. The ducks are pretty dirty and have an un-pleasent smell about them (although I would never recommend smelling a duck close up anyway. This is more of a wafting oder). I would say that the sheep are looking nice and plump as well which is good. Rogue has started to grow thicker wool which makes him look a little nicer. He kind of looked bald before (not in a drastic way though). The sheep have also been enjoying their new salt lick which currently is just wedged between some bails of hay. You can tell they have been licking it because there are large marks smoothed away in it.

That's all for now!


Uncle Chas said...

Aren't the Blue Peas a rock group, or is that the Blue-Eyed Peas?

And thanks for describing your dirty ducks' smell. you have once again enriched my life. Seriously.

Uncle Charles

Rosalyn said...

I could be wrong.....but I think that the peas you are thinking about call themselves "black".

I am looking forward to that blue pea salad; what would one put with it! Pink Corn Amanda!!!!