Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Well, we made it. After a short flight into Frankfurt on Saturday we found our hotel, a Best Western, and settled in for night. On Sunday we bummed around Frankfurt a bit, went to an optical illusion museum, which was really sketchy, but sort of cool and then just wandered around a bit for the rest of the day as we were both really tired and it was cold, wet and raining (hence the wet!).
Monday morning was an early rise at 6am (12am local time at home) because our flight left at 10:20 from Frankfurt to Detroit. The goal for Monday was to stay awake the entire day so as to minimize the effects of jet lag by forcing ourselves to adapt quicker to living in this time zone. Despite Amanda having a short nap on the airplane we both manged to stay awake on the flight by watching at least 3 movies each and filling in the gaps with other kinds of entertainment. Flight was uneventful and we had a safe landing in Detroit.
Detroit had a 4 hour layover until we could fly into Buffalo, and we had to go through customs there and through security again, even though we were already in the airport, but that is the way they do it over there and everything went smoothly. We even had a friendly customs agent who made jokes with us about having a honeymoon after 3 was awesome.
Eventually we made it to Buffalo and my parents arrived to drive us back to Canada. Canada customs was once again uneventful and we finally made it home at 8:30pmish after a very long day. The house was in good shape (thanks to Randy) and after reading a bit to settle our minds we crashed into bed for an amazing sleep in our own bed.
Everything on the farm end seems to be in order. Sheep and ducks are all quite happy and Kes was quite pleased to see us, although she may have more on that later (as I know there are some of you who love to read her posts, more than any others...go figure).
For now we are safe at home and will now have to get things rolling with our plans for farming. It is nearly the end of January and soon it will be spring and a very exciting time for us, so keep checking back and see how things are going.

P.S. Stuart, it is easier coming this way then it was going to Europe, but that is just my opinion. So there. :)


Uncle Chas said...

I agree with Stuart. Perhaps it's an individual thing! We returned once in the early 90s with 2 small kids in tow, and they seemed okay but we were still very tired for a week. Perhaps there was more than jet-lag to it.

And during a UK visit in 2006, I remember waking very early one morning (as is my custom) and heading out to do some dawn photography, so I was leaving the hotel at 5 a.m., and it occurred to me that we were only 2 or 3 days into our trip and it was midnight back home - that's a pretty fast adjustment!

Allison said...

I think I know who that anonymous commenter is!

I miss you guys here! I'm glad that the sheep and ducks are OK :-)

I find it much more pleasant going from UK to Canada jet-lag wise.

Anonymous said...

I liked it the other way!