Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

It sounds good if you sing it like it is Christmas!
It has really been snowing quite a bit here in England the last few days which has made travel a bit interesting although it pales in comparison to what we can get in Canada. Traffic gets really slow here when it snows and the car rental company didn't even supply us with a snow brush, only an ice scraper so I have to use my leather farm mittens to wipe off the car in the morning.
We have been informed that the last cottage we will be staying at near the Yorkshire Dales is currently inaccessible due to snow so we will have to call the National Trust (the organization that operates these cottages) to find a solution. Hopefully the snow can be cleared by then because it is one of the cottages we will be staying at that is on a working sheep farm! (insert excitement here)
We have been mostly relaxing, hanging out with Allison and doing some light cruising around the British countryside during our stay here in Wisbech (pronounced Wisbeach, everything here is pronounced funny). Yesterday we got a nice tour of King's Lynn and then Amanda and I went to the beach nearby (very, very cold) and then tried to find a castle, but it was closed and we found sheep instead, which we took pictures of. They were eating brussel sprouts.
It gets dark here very early, around 4pm and so we tend to spend our evenings at our little cottage watching something on tv and just relaxing with supper.
Today we will be doing some stuff (who knows yet) in the afternoon and then having supper with Allison's future in-laws, by ourselves, as neither Allison nor Stuart will be there because of work. We are told they are very friendly so we are looking forward to meeting them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about your trip. It has been a great way to follow you two on your trip.



Rosalyn said...

We have lots of snow here too, and more to come this weekend! Maybe you can teach them a thing or two about navigating about in spite of the snow! Hope and pray that everything works out with that last cottage as you have been looking forward to that experience. Love you both lots!