Sunday, January 10, 2010

Travel to Norwich, Wines and a Pub!

Well yesterday we made our grand trip to Norwich. We never went on Friday as the weather was just too bad, but it was a nice day yesterday. Our first stop was for lunch at a nice pub with good food. I have decided that since we are in the UK and going to pubs, whenever I am at a pub I have to have either a beer or a cider. I havn't had any beer yet since I don't really like it, but I have been sampling from a wide array of ciders and most of them are quite good. I am particularly fond of Magner's, although Gaymans and Strongbo are also very good
After the pub we headed to the big cathedral in Norwich, but were more excited about seeing the castle after it. However the cathedral was absolutely amazing and we went on a guided tour with just the three of us and our guide, a very nice and enthusiastic elderly gentleman named Dave. We told him we only had 45min and he gave us a great tour in that time. Who would have ever known so much *interesting* history could be saved up in a 900 year old church.
After the cathedral we headed for the castle which was, in retrospect, a bit of a disappointment. Instead of being a cool castle you could walk through, it was really just one big room with some displays and a bit of a basement. It was okay, but in the end we regretted the short tour at the cathedral and wished we had spent longer there.
From the castle we headed to a kitchen store and then headed for home, dropped Allison off at her in-laws and Amanda and I shared a quiet evening together with supper and a movie. We discovered some old Harry Potter video cassettes here at the cottage and have been working through them in our spare time when we need a break.
Today the plan was to head towards Cambridge to see a winery and some vineyards. I cannot remember the name of the winery right now however. Our first stop was to see the vineyards and I got many pictures of them which made me happy and should give me some interesting things to discuss with Randy later on. Many of the vines are quite old (1972) and have very large and twisted trunks. Unfortunately there was no identification of what the vines were so I could not tell the difference.
After the vineyard we headed up to the winery to try and hopefully purchase some wines, but to my utter dismay they were closed despite listing on their website and at the end of their driveway that they were open today. I was very disappointed that I had driven over an hour to this winery to find they were closed, but there was nothing we could do about it so we headed off and had lunch (Amanda, Allison and myself) at a pub we found in Stuart's pub book (it was a pick of the pubs). It was really good and I would happily go there again. We might try for the winery again later on in the week and we might aim for a couple others, although they are a bit more of a distance away. We shall see.
Allison is spending the evening here and we have had a good time hanging out and thinking of playing games. Who knows what tomorrow shall bring, but it shall certainly be another adventure for another day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continuing saga of your trip. It sounds like things are going well despite the weather.

Love ya


Say Hi to Stuart's parents for me.

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