Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Last Couple Days

Well we have been busy the last couple of days. After our adventure in Norwich, we spent the next afternoon in a small town between here and Cambridge called Ely. We had lunch at a little sandwich place and then visited another cathedral in the town. From the outside the cathedral was quite impressive and we were going to go in, but found that we could not get the door open! We figured that is was just another thing on our trip that was supposed to happen but didn't and we were a bit disappointed.
However, I managed to figure out that you had to turn the door latch to get it open. Now, I must say, we had tried this earlier and it had not worked, but it was after I had tried to push the door open which had jammed the latch. So eventually we figured it out. This cathedral would have been more impressive on a nicer day and with a tour but unfortunately we had missed the last tour and it was so dark outside it was hard to see anything in the cathedral with the minimal lighting they had. We did venture around a bit, but it would have been a better experience on a nicer day.
Yesterday Amanda and I made the trip to Cambridge to see the small university town. We had a nice walk around, ate at an amazing pub called the Anchor. I had a Magners Cider in a Magners glass, and when I asked the bartender after the meal if I could buy the glass he just gave it to me which was awesome. After lunch we wandered around and found a National Trust store (the National Trust owns and operates our cottage as well as many other properties throughout England and attempts to sustain many of the historical and environmental pieces that make England unique). National Trust has a real Monopoly version of their own and since Monopoly is one of our favourite games we purchased it. We had hoped to find it and felt lucky that we did.
After a bit of wandering and shopping Amanda and I went to see Avatar in 3D at the movie theatre. WOW. That is such a good movie and if you have a chance to see it in 3D, do it! Not only is the story amazing and awe inspiring, but the visuals are amazing and unlike I have ever seen. After the movie we headed home and read a bit before going to bed.
Today we will go see some ducks and other fowl and then hang around King's Lynn a bit. We are taking it easy today as we have a busy day tomorrow visiting some old castles and a farm and then Friday hopefully we can visit some wineries, although a couple of them have told me they are closed :( so that dream may not be a reality, but we shall see.
We are having loads of fun and are a bit sad that the vacation is over soon, although we are both looking forward to going home.

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Uncle Chas said...

Just for you I have thrown my Ely Cathedral photos up on the Net. It is indeed quite spectacular in good light, and the history surrounding Cromwell is fascinating (and terribly sad). Also, it's the Cathedral for Cambridge, and the history behind that is interesting too.

The link is:

I might not leave it up forever, so enjoy it now! It's a bit big - 17 large-ish photos.

Uncle Charles