Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So thinking it would be pretty neat to grow a little Arugula (or for those overseas Rocket!) so I had my dad plant up a tray of it on Monday. My intention was just a little bit for home use. Well today I noticed it has already sprouted fairly substantially so I decide I should read up about it on the internet. Well it turns out Arugula is a rapid grower that is ready for harvest very quickly. My Dad being the generous guy he is also put multiple seeds in each spot in the tray. There are 72 spots in each tray and there are at least two seed in each. I feel an Arugula garden is soon going to be on hand here. However on the positive side I read that it can go outside which is good because it means that I can thin the plants out a little. I was picturing in my head pots everywhere filled with Arugula plants begging to be picked. I think tomorrow I'll plant some more of it and will try taking it to market in about a month.

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amy said...

have you ever tasted it?! its nasty! haha, kinda bitter