Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best Friends Forever

The new lamb is doing really well. He is full of energy and can often be seen leaping around the pen. I'd say that is pretty great for a lamb of only four days old. Being so full of life Lamaroo has also decided to make a best friend. His best friend is non other than Martha (Snowballs mother). I will attach some photos of their new found friendship.
Ryan is going to night to learn about sheep shearing and tomorrow the task is on to shear our sheep. I'm sure it will be a wild evening and I am looking forward to it. The task after that will probably be left to Friday which is cleaning the wool.
The plants are doing really well and come Saturday we are going to be planting the cabbages outside. Thankfully the weather forecast has changed and it is no longer supposed to rain.
The other picture is of Rosie who was pretty upset that I wasn't paying any attention to her.

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Timothy said...

Lameroo reminds me of myself as a child.