Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grow Tomato Grow

So we being the optimistic and proactive types (which may i say is not usual) planted some tomato plants early in the hopes that we would have early greenhouse tomatoes. Well so far so good. Perhaps two weeks ago I transferred the plug tomatoes into 4" pots. Well they really took off in the 4" pots so today i decided that it was time for another up pot. This time the tomatoes are going into a 1 gallon I'll call it a tub. I only did 15 of the Juan Flamme so perhaps tomorrow I will do the rest. There are maybe 60 more to do but it really easy a pretty easy job. Just fill the pot make a hole and plunk in the tomato.
Tonight we are going to sheer the sheep so that should be very exciting and I am looking foward to doing it even though Ryan will be doing all the hard work. I'm sure there will be some exciting picture to come.

Happy Earth Day


Timothy said...

Worst case scenario, if they don't turn out you could throw them at people...

Allison said...

Nice one, Tim!
Thanks for updating so frequently - I'm really enjoying the pictures and the updates!