Monday, April 12, 2010

Up to the Axles!

Well, every once in a while everyone makes a mistake, and this morning I made a good one. Since the garden was starting to dry out and looked fairly firm on the surface I decided I should run the cultivator over it to crack the surface to aid in drying a little faster so Amanda and I could start planting some of our early crops towards the end of the week. After setting up the cultivators I headed out to the far end of the garden to break it up and this happened:

What happened was I had the cultivators a little too deep and then drove over the spot where I dug a large hole during the winter. Since the ground there was quite soft, which I hadn't expected, the tractor just dug right in there and sank down almost to the axle (the rear cultivator mounts were buried). There was no way to get out and as you can see from the other side, the wheel not in the hole wasn't getting any traction either:

After getting Amanda to help we pulled the tractor out with the Kubota loader tractor with no difficulty and I finished the garden, avoiding that particular spot. I may try again going perpendicular to that in a couple of days, but for now I will let it dry out a little more...

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