Monday, April 26, 2010

What do you get from a sheep? (From Friday)

Well wool of course. And what does one do with wool when they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Well they say I'm going to clean it and care for it and make something cool. Well that's what I felt like when i started the process 2.5 hours ago. It looked pretty easy in the book. Step one get hot water with soap in it and let the wool soak for an hour. Then dry the wool and soak again in warm water. Two soaking may be neccessary if the wool is very dirty. Well apparently our wool was like super dirty because it is now on its 5th soaking and it is still coming out dirty. I'm pretty sure that soon I am just going to put it out to dry on my makeshift drying rack. Overall the process really is not too hard just really time consuming and dirty. Really dirty! The picture of the wool laid out is my make shift wool drying rack which worked out pretty well overall.

Well its Monday and the wool still is not completely dry hopefully by tomorrow it will be. It is looking pretty good I would say. It is not greasy at all and is fairly white! Well now its Tuesday and the wool is dry and I am finely going to post this.

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