Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its been too long

AH, it has been so long since we had a blog update so much has happened. I do actually have some pictures to put on but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Things have been busy here with lots of planting going on. Today I planted 21 trays and Monday we planted approx. 20 trays as well. Our germination table is getting very full! Which really is a good thing because outdoor planting is quickly approaching. This week I also planted some herbs from there 72's into 4" pots which we will have for sale at the market come May. It does not seem like a big job to put plants into 4" pots but once you get started time does fly.
The ducks have been very busy laying eggs, which sooner than later will lead to a huge pack of ducklings running around our yard. At least one duck is using the new nesting box which Ryan built last weekend. At last count there where 11 eggs in the new nest.
Ryan spent a very busy day picking up a load of free straw (or possibly hay) for mulching purposes. The straw was approx. 20 years old and I was told it was a big job for Ryan and his crew to put it into the truck. There total number of bales for the day was 300! That may seem like a lot but more may be needed which we will see in the coming weeks.
This week I watched what I would consider a shocking documentary type show by Jamie Oliver who is trying to convert people to eat healthy. It made me really think how lucky I will be to enjoy fresh local produce all summer long not only from our farm but those around us.

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