Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Weekend

So it has been a fairly productive weekend around here. Yesterday (Sunday) we worked on repairing the fence a bit. We added new wire to the top in order to support the old fencing system which is not in very good condition. This was a lot of work and it took three people in order to weave the new wire into the old.
However we got side tracked when the neighbors who also happen to be Ryan's Aunt and Uncle came over to hang out with the sheep for a bit.
I took on the task yesterday of again trying to catch a sheep and this time it was successful. I was able to catch Rosie by luring her in with some tasty straw. She is very trusting. After having caught her to the surprise of Ryan, he showed me how to flip a sheep over in order to trim their hoofs. Although I don't believe that this is a task i will be taking on any time soon.
I almost forgot that we also had a little adventure with the dogs. The dogs being Kes and Jazz who belongs to Ryan's Aunt and Uncle. First Jazz got a turn to enter the sheep pen and try out her herding skills and then Kes had a whirl at it. Needles to say I don't think either of them did an amazing job but I'm sure with a little training they would be out there herding sheep to no end.


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