Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Down With Ducks

It was a moderately uneventful day yesterday and I'm sure today will be about the same but there is still always something going on. This morning i went out to feed the ducks who always act like they are starving. I have started giving them two bowls of food because they always seem so crowded around one. However they apparently don't care about crowding and still all inhale food from one bowl and then move onto the next one. I am learning that they also enjoy lots of kitchen scraps. Over the past number of days they have gobbled down apple peelings, broccoli stems, and tomatoes. They seem to enjoy them all but i think the apple peelings have been the favorite to date.
Kes and I worked outdoors a little bit yesterday despite the cold weather and painted the railing that is by our front door. It still does not look really fantastic (the last person did kind of a bad job painting it and the old paint has big gobs stuck to it) but at least it is not rusty anymore.

I guess that's all for now. Happy first of December

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