Friday, December 4, 2009

Cozy On A Cold Day

So the cold weather is coming and as evidence of that this morning when I looked out the window there was some snow coming down. As you may be aware animals are not as particular about the weather and are probably better equipped to deal with it. The sheep for example are not fazed in the least, when i was just a few moments ago they were just lying in the pen enjoying the bit of sunshine that is available. There was one exception to this which was Rouge who was standing nicely inside of the sheep pen. I would have to say that he would not be considered a manly man.
Rosie has maintained her very friendly personality despite the fact that we gave her a run around last week when i caught her. I fed her a pumpkin and pet her for a while (I feel that saying you pet a sheep sounds a little funny but its all part of the make Rosie super friendly plan).
The ducks also don't seem to mind the cold weather. They do huddle up a little bit more then the sheep but still sit out in the open. I wanted to get a good picture of them today so when i gave them there food i stayed in the pen. They were not very happy with this situation and they were the loudest that i had ever heard them be. Apparently i upset there morning feeding routine.

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Ducks, Ducks, Ducks!