Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mischievous Duck

So this morning after I drove Ryan into work, I came home to find one of the female ducks hanging outside the pen. It appears to me that perhaps the mode of escape is flight. She seemed able to get of the ground while i chased her around to get her back in the pen. I have to say I haven't been back out to check if she is out again. Kes was no help and just watched as I chased the duck around.
Today was also the first day that the ducks did not go nutso over their food. Maybe they are just having an off day.
I have not been out to see the sheep yet but perhaps this afternoon (I'm in the middle of making some fudge).
I did forget to mention yesterday that apparently Kes loves duck food. She just consumed it like she had never been fed before. This is extra surprising because she doesn't really seem to care for dog food. She is a fickle old girl but we love her!!

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