Thursday, December 17, 2009

The First Pig Built His Out Of Straw

We all know the story of the three pigs and the houses built out of straw, wood and brick and the big bad wolf that blows them down. Well, while the story may have been a devious plot by the brick industry to boost sales, there may actually be some truth in it.

With all the running around the sheep do and with Rogue chasing the ewes in and out of the straw house it looks like things are taking a heavy beating. It is actually worse than the picture makes it out to be and the front wall continues to crumble further everyday. Once one bale comes out the rest are never far behind. To compound the problem the sheep also start tearing at the bales once they are out and the twine comes off making everything fall apart.
Looks like I will be spending some time this Saturday lifting up the roof and rebuilding the wall. Oh well, part of farming. I will likely drive re-bar in the outside bales this time and wrap the leading edge with chicken wire so that this issue will not repeat itself again.
Looks like today is Albert's day. Tonight Randy and I will be butchering him and once slow roasted he should taste just fine. This is just the chance Master Quackers will need to exert his authority, and hopefully all the ducks will be able to share quarters again.

Till then...

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