Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are You Starving?

The question are you starving is one that I posed to the sheep this afternoon when Kes and I went out for a look at them. Their troff was empty and they were once again eating the side of their house. Anyway in decision with Ryan we decided to give them an extra quarter bail of straw to hopefully curb there veracious appetites. They had also completely emptied their water bucket, so I had to fill that up too. I hoped in the pen for a little visit while i contemplated the eating habits of the sheep and Rosie friendly as usual, walked right up to me. Although to be fair to her it seemed that she was more interested in my cell phone than me. She soon realized that it was not a food item.
Once the troff was half full again the sheep went at it like crazy. Bess was rather pushy about the whole situation and climbed over Muncher and Martha to get the troff. If she had just moved down a couple of feet there would have been no need for pushing. Apparently sheep aren't quite that smart though, Or maybe she just enjoys dive bombing the other sheep.

The ducks are doing fine it seems. They are always hungry in the morning when i got out there and are starting to get a little gutsy. When you are inside the duck pen the door stays open because it does not have a latch on the inside. Well now after having them for a few weeks I think they have figured this out and start to edge towards the door. I think the ducks think that freedom is so close they can almost taste it.
Speaking of duck freedom we were away for the weekend and Randy was watching/feeding the ducks and sheep. Well he came around and found one of the ducks wandering around the yard just having a good old time. It is not apparent how this duck (we don't know which one it was) escaped but this may have not been the first time as apparently there was another duck sighting at an earlier date. Hopefully the truth will become apparent soon.

Another exciting thing happened today. Our second seed catalogue came today in the mail. I'm pretty excited about flipping through the pages and seeing what kind of exciting produce could be coming out of garden in just a little while.

Its also snowing today which is lovely

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Ryan said...

I am glad Amanda can remember all the names of the sheep because I can only remember three of them. I just stare at the rest of them and say "Hey you sheep!".