Friday, December 11, 2009

Master Quackers and the Fight for Candy Mountian

Well it seems the ducks have divided themselves into two camps. First there is the older male, Albert and his two females that hang out with him. Then there is Master Quackers and the remaining four hens. Well it seems that Albert has taken over the duck shelter and will only let his two hens in with him. This means that the other ducks must sleep outside in the cold, which I cannot imagine is a whole lot of fun (at least the sheep share their shelter).
Personally I am rooting for Master Quackers, but this just solidifies my resolve that Albert needs to make a quick trip to a crock pot or something. He is much older than M.Q. and likely will not be as successful at breeding with the hens the younger male. His stubborn bossy behaviour is also threatening the health of the flock so the nail is in the coffin so to speak (although in this case that expression is much closer to reality then its regular use!).

Everything else on the farm is rather quiet. It is very cold outside this morning (-8 C) and it is getting hard to find time to get maintenance chores done outside because of the light levels and the busy Christmas schedule. We have a couple more Saturdays that we might be able to get a tiny bit of work done on, but with the wildness of Christmas, we shall see how much work actually transpires.
I am hoping this cold snap warms up slightly as I was hoping to be able to run one plow pass over the back field before winter. It is a game between waiting for it to dry out, but not freeze up so we shall see what happens.
Until then...Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the exciting adventures of CreekShoreFarms! Its animal and human inhabitants will keep us intrigued for months to come! So for now we send our love and Christmas Greetings until lambing time.

Aunt Gwen &
Uncle Lloyd