Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Long Day...

Well we had a good day. I started my day today at 4:30am working on some stainless steel for a local winery. They needed the project done today and I needed to get some work done at home so the obvious time slot was early morning before light. I managed breakfast at 6:00 with my good friend Randy Gillespie and eventually made it home and was able to start working on the fence with Amanda by 8:00. I should note that those two hours did not consist entirely of breakfast, but it was delicious none the less.

That by the way is a good face to make while hammering in fencing staples. Normally one would not swing the hammer that hard to hit a staple or you might in this picture:

We actually got a fair bit of work done on the fence today, although not nearly as much as I had hoped. The existing fence is in really rough shape, but we have elected not to fully replace it as we are not sure how long we will stay here and do not want to invest in a fully new patchwork will suffice for now.
What we have done for the fence is to take 12.5ga wire and weave it through the existing fencing to pull the top of the wire fencing taught so that it does not wobble. The rest of the fence is quite grown in to the ground so we have a rigid top and a rigid bottom and if the rest of the fence is wobbly, well, it will have to do.

Above that we run one more 12.5ga wire which we insulate from the posts and from the other wires. This wire will be the "hot" wire for the electric fence which should prevent coyotes from climbing over...or at least we hope. We still have a fair bit left to do on the fence, but we made some real progress today. It is amazing how long things always seem to take when you had hoped to get it all done in one day...I guess that is life.
We unfortunately do not have any pictures of Amanda, but needless to say, she worked really hard. Hopefully tomorrow we can get some more pictures of the fence and describe it a bit more, but that will have to do for now.

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