Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fireworks in the Street

Good evening everybody,

So it is new years eve and things have already started to get exciting here. Our day overall has been pretty eventful. We did sleep in until 9:00 ish but considering that we are on vacation we thought that, that was okay. Our hotel has renovations in its eating area so went down the street to PUR which served us a lovely European style breakfast. It included sausage, eggs, juice, fresh fruit, as well as a selection of cold cuts, cucumber salad, pate, cheeses and breads. It was very good except it was a bit of a free for all to get a table which confused for about the first 10 min.

After breakfast we headed out to Roemerberg which Ryan's grandparents had suggested to us. We had a very good time there. We visited a cathedral, went to the Frankfurt Historical Museum, and also visited a very busy shopping district. We enjoyed a late afternoon snack of chocolate croissants and Fanta.
Late in the afternoon we attempted to go the Palm Garten but it was closed. A lot things were actually closed today because its new years eve. We then walked back through the shopping district which was mostly closed.

We started off our evening with some train station food. Which here seems to be very good. There are a least a dozen food choices and all very good that we have tried so far. We have tried a pastry shop tried Le Crobag. They have very good croissants and donuts and other unhealthy pastries like that. Tonight Ryan tried Erich Zeiss which has meat on a bun. He doesn't know what he ordered but says that it was tasty. I had fish and chips from Nordsee. It was good i ordered the snack size which was three pieces of fish the size of large chicken nuggets and a wack of french fries. It was also good. We also purchased some evening snack such as ritter bars, chips and a few other 'healthy' items ( I did actually get a few nectarines from a fruit vendor). We also tried a drink called Mezzo Mix which is a mixture of coke with orange pop. Its good and kind of tastes like a creamsicle. While at the train station (which we use to go everywhere and is very handy) we picked up a few souvenir items as well.

Well arriving back at the hotel we got to enjoy some fireworks (it get dark here before 5) some teenagers were setting them off in the street right in front of our hotel. We had a very nice view from our window. One of the teens which appeared to be the only girl in the group set off one large firework and it hit the window the apartment building across the street. A family also came outside with the child and had sparklers going for a while. Right now i can hear fireworks going off all the over place. There will be a big display going off at midnight. If we get adventurous we can go into the old part of Frankfurt which is supposed to be the best place to see them.

Early in the afternoon when we were in the shopping district there were all kinds of tents set up. We went to take a look and found that there were thralls of people lined up to get wine. Apple wine was advertised a lot for a Euro a glass. We figure that this is also part of the new years events that go on here.



Rosalyn said...

Happy New Years to you too! Sounds like you are packing lots into the time you have. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations tonight! Love you both!

Allison said...

Happy New Year!!!

amy said...

happy new years!!!
i miss you already
i've been so creative today, you would be so proud! :P
take a million and one pictures k?!