Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well what to say about New Years Eve in Frankfurt. Originally we had intended to go to a club or something adventurous, but we decided we were not really that kind of people so we opted for going to see fireworks. We kind of hummed and haa'd over going for a while but eventually we decided to go see the fireworks along a bridge near Roemerberg where we had been earlier that day. We thought about bringing our bottle of cheap German champagne along with us to celebrate, but decided against it because we feared public drinking laws (wow were we ever mistaken).
We figured there would be some nice, organized fireworks right at midnight and that there would be some people out there viewing them with us and that it would be a pleasant time for all. We hoped on the U4 (a subway) and headed to our destination. The subway was full, but we found some room and squeezed ourselves in.
Once we arrived it was a different story. There were people everywhere! Fireworks were already being shot off randomly and it was only about 11:40. And there was alcohol in the hands of nearly every man, woman and child. It was bring your own booze night.
We finally made it to the riverfront with fireworks going off around us (literally) and waited for the official fireworks to come. They never did.
I think that New Years eve in Frankfurt does not celebrate the coming of a new year, but rather is a highly accurate reproduction of the bombings that took place near the end of WWII in the city that basically leveled most of it to the ground. The above video does not nearly do it justice. As it drew closer to midnight there were more and more and eventually it was as if everyone was firing them off. People were drunk and screaming and it was a great way to usher in a new year. About quarter after 12 Amanda and I headed back to the subway to beat the crowds.
We ended our night with some guy firing off his handgun in front of our hotel. While a bit unnerving we made it safely, and have since shared a glass of bubbly and are now getting ready for a bit of tv and then off to bed for another day.
This was a great way to end the first half of our trip in Frankfurt and we both are glad we went.

Happy New Years to all of you!

P.S. I have just been informed people are lighting fires in the street. How fun!


Rosalyn said...

Wow! I guess New Years Eve in Fresno with all the guns being shot at midnight is nothing in comparrison to Frankfurt.
Happy New Year!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you are having some wonderful experiences in Germany...thanks for sharing them with us "couch potatoes"!

I just had a wonderful half hour reading all your blogs from the past couple of months...had no idea you had been so busy. I hope your animals are enjoying the New Year as much as you are :-).

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