Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Spring Day

It turns out we are having another drizzly morning here in Jordan. Its not raining but there is wet mist occasionally which really is not too much of a bother. The first job of the morning was feeding all of the animals. They always seem to be starving as soon as you walk out the front door. The sheep start bahing and the chickens start flapping there wings.

This is one of our chickens that live with the sheep.
We sprinkle the food outside the fence so the sheep
cannot reach it.

We are very excited to have gotten new feed for our chickens as well. Our old feed was fine but we are getting fresh locally made food now that had whole grains, flax, and all kinds of great stuff. It also is not in pellet form and smells great. The whole drive home on Saturday I wanted to try some as a little snack. The food is made at Comfort Farms which is just a short drive away from us. One thing that we really like about the food is that it is GMO free, which is not an easy thing to find especially if you purchase commercially made feed. So far there have been no complaints from the animals about the change!

Old Feed

New Feed

This morning the chickens and ducks also received some fresh hay. They really enjoy eating green matter and I think they are getting a little stir crazy. Every morning the chickens in particular try to make a getaway into the field. It won’t be too long until they are out on pasture as Ryan and I started to put up our fencing on Saturday.

Chickens eating hay and new feed

My second job this morning was to go and pick some leeks for our CSA drop off tomorrow at the food co-op. Due to the lovely weather we have been experiencing it was not a tough job. Post pick I washed them to get all the mud off and later this morning I will trim the roots and tall leaves so that they look presentable.

Bleu de Solaise Leeks

After I picked the leeks I went for a little jaunt in the field to see what was going on. Well apparently there has been a lot going on in the past few days. As you will see in the picture below our garlic is starting to sprout out of the ground! This is the first new outdoor growth of the season and it was a great delight to my morning. We also have a survivor from the winter. What is it you ask well spinach. The current growth does have some frost burn on it but I am hopeful that with a few warm days some more new growth will appear. I was very tempted to start eating it off the plant but there was a considerable amount of dirt on the leaves and my better judgement told me that I may not want to have dirt in my mouth.

The Spinach

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