Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tastey toilet brush?

Well Jeff has only been getting better over the past few days and is show lots of interest in the world around him. He currently likes to sniff everything insight. He also will munch on a little hay now and also will drink small amounts of water from a bowl. We are pleased with his progress thus far. Among Jeff's funny antics is a strange interest in trying to eat the handle of our toilet brush cleaner, as well as trying to eat the box our mailbox came in. Needless to say we don't let him actually eat anything strange but if he finds a moment to escape he is after some strange and wonderful new thing he thinks might fill his belly.
We also had another lamb born today. Muncher is the mother and we named him Robin after the great fairly tale legend Robin Hood. This was to carry on the theme of Marion who was born a couple of weeks ago. We are not sure when he was born just sometime during the day today. He is big and looks very healthy. I look forward to posting some pictures once his mom relaxes and lets visitors in!

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