Friday, March 4, 2011

Its warm in the greenhouse

On a cool morning or afternoon this early in the season it is a wonderful experience to go to the greenhouse and do a little planting. It feels like a warm summer day inside with a temperature usually around 30 C. This week I have been in the greenhouse twice and enjoyed the nice tropical temperatures inside. On Tuesday I planted sprouts for our winter CSA. I tired a few new kinds including, beans, radishes and beets. Already on Wednesday you could see the shoots starting to pop out. I love bean shoots and am hoping they turn out really well.
On Wednesday I took a trip to the greenhouse with my dad and we planted our first trays for summer. It feels a bit wierd starting seeds when there is still snow outside but it has to be done and I enjoy the job most of the time. So on Wednesday we planted Leeks (ours have not arrived yet but we had some leftover from last year that will hopefully give us some earlier leeks in the fall), we also planted basil and tomatoes. The tomatoes we are going to grow in the greenhouse in one gallon pots for early sale at the farmers market. Last year this worked out well for us so we are hoping for a repeat on the success.
This week we also found little Jeff (one of the twins) outside just shivering and seeming to be ill. He was very thin and not looking at all well, so we brought him inside and have been bottle feeding him. He came in on Sunday and over the past two days we have seen him improve slowly. He would not even get up on Monday but now is happy to take a little walk and is eating a lot more. We are hopeful that he will fully recover and be able to go back outside with his sister.
I also cleaned up the tractor mower this week. It was all covered in grass and muck and just needed a good wipe down. I threw a before and after picture in above.

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