Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs of Growth

Well, as Amanda mentioned in the last post we were busy a week ago planting some early crops inside a greenhouse. As of Saturday we have seen the first signs of growth in the greenhouse with some seedlings just starting to grow.

If you look closely in the middle of the picture you can just make out a tiny radish seedling coming out of the ground.

In this picture you can see a couple of pea seeds that have floated to the surface. Again, if you look closely you can see that one of them has a tiny little white shoot, just reaching out of it.

As with growing vegetables in the field, our arch nemesis has made its appearance as well. Let the battle begin!

Much of the planting this year will be done with our new Jang Clean Seeder. Larger seeds such as corn, peas and beans will be done with the EarthWay, but we find that with smaller seeds it tends to get jammed up so we needed to look for a different option. The Jang is quite a bit more expensive than the EarthWay, but it has a whole range of adjust-ability and can handle seeds as small as carrots or as big as peas with gracefulness. So far we are quite happy with it, but will see what happens once more seedlings pop up so we can get an idea on the quality of spacing.

Amanda hard at work planting lettuce.

The Jang Clean Seeder. It weighs 10kgs so it has enough weight to feel tough and push-able in the soil.

Our new water station. If found these tanks for sale on Kijiji for $50, and bought 3 because they were an awesome deal. Since the water is turned off in the greenhouse we needed a way of efficiently filling the watering cans and this has worked great.

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