Friday, March 11, 2011

The Small Business BIG Impact Challenge

It appears that we are in for another rainy day here in Niagara. I have just been sloshing about in the mud feeding all the animals who are still in need of food and water (not as much water) as they are if it is a beautiful sunny morning. So the animals are done and the eggs are collected although there will be more this afternoon and preparation for this afternoons CSA is already underway. Overall it will probably end up being a pretty quiet day.
Yesterday we planted more items in the greenhouse. Our leek, onion and shallot seeds finely came so we planted those. Overall we planted 11 trays yesterday which is not really very many considering that we probably plant hundreds of trays over the season.
We have also entered our farm into the The Small Business BIG Impact Challenge. There are a load of entrants and in order for us to be considered as finalists we need people to vote for us. So if you have a few moments you can check out our write up at .
And if you go and take a look don't forget to vote for us. There is a cash prize for three winners in just under two months.

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