Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Was Frost This Morning

Well Amanda and I went outside this morning to feed the animals before taking off and what did we discover but yet another and final addition to the family.

Lambaroo finally had a lamb. We were never sure if she would lamb this year or not as she was quite young in the fall last year, but here we have one healthy new lamb to join the flock. Given the strange weather conditions we have found ourselves in over the last day we named her: Frost. Congratulations to Muncher (Lambaroo's mother) on becoming a grandmother.

Well the little seedlings continue to grow in the greenhouse and you can now see radishes, peas and spinach all poking out of the ground. While Amanda is busy with the last few weeks of the CSA and starting more seedlings in the greenhouse, I have been busy with other things, getting equipment ready for summer...

This is one of our 3 running Farmall A tractors I inherited from my grandfather and the first one I have finally finished prepping for summer. Being 60 years old it is understandable why most of the bolts and the like were seized on the cultivation equipment making it hard to adjust last summer on the fly. But now they are getting new life breathed into them and I can finally easily adjust everything I need to with little effort. Someday I hope to restore these old tractors, but for now some new oil, grease and a bit of love will take them well through the summer to another round of winter maintenance.

So that makes 6 healthy lambs we have running around the pen now. You will remember a few posts back we talked about Jeff the lamb (Mutt's twin) and his struggle with illness. Well after a week of getting better and showing lots of energy, Jeff tanked, and one sad morning he passed away, while we held him in our arms trying to keep him comfortable. That was a 2 and half weeks ago, I guess nobody had the heart to write about it till now...

Jeff with a happy milk grin on his face during the recovery process, while being held by his favourite, Amanda.

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