Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Planting We Will Go

It was a beautiful day today, and there are sure signs of spring such as blue jays, and the green grass on our lawn. The past few days have been pretty full. On Saturday Ryan and I had the opportunity to start some early crops at Whitty Farms in there green house. We planted, peas, lettuce, radishes, and spinach. We hope that these crops will be ready in time for our first markets in May. This early planting also allowed us to try out our new Jang seeder. I'm sure Ryan has a load he would like to say about the seeder but we were very happy with it performance. Much better than our Earthy Way seeder.
I started writing this two days ago and have lost my train of though a little bit but I will carry on.
This week has also been filled with a lot more planting. Our germination bench is pretty much full but tomorrow we will be moving some of the sprouted items off to make room for more planting. Our seed order arrived yesterday from West Coast seeds which means a lot of planting is about to happen. We still have a few small items that have not arrived yet but I'm sure they will be here soon.

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